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What do you need

To take your business to the next level?

to focus on what you do best?

And let Vida do the rest! Focus on doing what you love knowing, the rest is taken care of!

A Magic Wand?

Let us work our magic and enable you to bring your vision to reality!

To Save Time?

By allowing us to improve your efficiency with the right systems and automation!

Why work with us?

Vida means Life. And we’re here to breathe some life and soul into your business, and to help you get your life back!

We know first hand just how much blood, sweat and tears go in to running your own business. We also know that it gets to a point when no person can (or indeed should) do it all!

It’s so important to stay in your lane and not be distracted by ALL THE THINGS, soldiering on and doing everything yourself, believing that business is difficult or stressful. What if you can step into ease?

What if you are doing things that drain your energy, take hours, and don’t add any true value. This is so limiting!

EVERYTHING you do in your business, should add value. Just think of what you could achieve if you stayed doing the things that you were best at, and allowed someone else to drive the rest of your business forward.

We love working with inspiring coaches, consultants and visionaries to help them propel their forward to really maximise their potential. Specialising in digital marketing and online business management/strategy, we want to help YOU to create more value for your clients – and for yourself!

You don’t have to do this alone. Let us be your partner, co-creator, a right and left hand wingwomen, here to help guide you to your greatness!


  • With Natalie by my side, I definitely no longer feel alone in my work. She knows exactly what's needed and when. She's also is the BEST to have on your team, as she is very vocal about her encouragement and support.The best part about working with her is knowing that she has my back, and never once worrying she'll let me down. That sense of security is priceless.Would I recommend her? Yes and No..... Yes because anyone would be stupid not to work with her, and no because that means less hours for me, and I'm selfish. :D
    Melissa D.
  • Since working with Natalie, I feel more confident with the quality of my digital everything. She is professional and totally heart-centered! She integrates her professionalism with her love for life, and creating for and serving her clients.She really got to know my business, and she sees my vision as clearly as I do. She challenges me to create and follow through. Not only does Natalie help me with creation, vision, and implementation- she often coaches me as well. More than an OBM, more like a Muse that does the work that allows you to stay in your personal zone of genius!
    Melissa R.
  • Natalie is creative, intuitive, and extremely generous. She absolutely loves to work hand in hand with her clients to help them create strategies that are best for them specifically. Nothing cookie cutter! Then she also has the skill to implement. Her zest and enthusiasm is infectious.To me, she feels more like a partner than someone I hired to do work for me and I’ve made more progress in my business in the last few months than I have with any other coach or consultant I've worked with.
    Teri T.
  • I was searching for someone who would understand where I'm coming from and be able to help me in different ways to launch my latest course. Natalie hit every nail on the head. Without even asking, she was creating fabulous emails, giving me ideas for new opt-ins, helping with topics on my course and she became an amazing friend all at the same time. If you're looking for someone that will help you get your business in order - she is your girl.
    Melissa K.
  • Working with Natalie has ensured I work on things that generate revenue or is moving my business forward whilst she deals with the details. Natalie is my biggest sounding board, a great champion of my future plans for the business and a massive supporter all round, when we talk about plans it is always ‘we’/’our’/’us’... – we are a team.
    Knowledgeable, creative and organised she has taken me from information overwhelm to structure and focus. I would whole heartedly recommend Natalie.
    Jenny M.
  • I needed someone who understands the power of words, how to support a global company, and yet make it seem like it was easy to hand over my life's work. She did it all! If you are looking for someone to support your business, help you grow and who you can trust. Natalie is the one you are looking for!
    Susanne G.
  • Vida have been brilliant for us. They helped us completely redesign and rebrand our core materials for a key product launch within very demanding timescales. We were really pleased with the result. And she didn’t just focus on getting the job done. She came up with great ideas on how our the materials could be improved even further, not just rebranded. We would never have launched on time without her! Natalie is a pleasure to work with. Quick accurate and proactive.
    Steve B.